We often buy things without bothering much about the model number or a serial number of that thing. But have you ever wondered what secrets or information the model number can tell about your product? When it comes to furnaces, it becomes important to check the model number so that you can keep track of all the information on it. The model number of a furnace can vary according to the company or the type of the furnace. The model number can also determine a lot of information about the product which we might have missed during the purchase of the product.

The model number of a furnace is divided into different parts which can tell different things about your product. However, the model numbers can be encoded differently by different companies which can tell you different things about the product. Generally, the serial number can be like G26Q3/4-100-1 or it can be a ten-digit number like 1404123456.

These Things Can be Easily Determined Using the Model Number –


  1. Series Number

    The first three digits, that is G26 in the above example can tell us about the series number of the product. G here stands for Gas and 26 means 26th unit produced in the lot.

  2. Unit capacity or Size

    The next three digits, that is Q3/4 can tell you about the capacity and size of your furnace unit. Q3/4 here refers to 3-ton or 4-ton unit capacity. There is 400 CFM(cubic feet per minute) of airflow per ton. This means that the capability of the air movement of a particular unit is 1200/1600 CFM.

  3. Age of the Unit

    Some furnace models of a particular company like Goodman can also tell you about the age of your unit by telling in which month and year the unit was manufactured. For example in model number 1404123456, the first four digits, that is 1404 tells you that this unit was manufactured in April 2014. Some companies like Lennox tell you about age by using alphabets where A stands for January, B stands for February, and so on.

  4. BTU Rating

    BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating is the rating in thousands that determines the efficiency of the unit. In the above example, 100 refers to the BTU rating which is 100,000. This furnace has an input of 100,000 BTUs. Output depends upon the efficiency of the furnace. If this furnace is 90% efficient so the output will be 90,000 BTUs.

  5. Revision (Dash) Number

    The last number shows the number of revisions that have been made to the model series. This number indicates the revision has occurred to the model series not requiring a series change. This revision number is very important in repair part identification.

Sometimes, model numbers can also tell you a lot of things about the things we purchase but we didn’t pay attention to while purchasing. Different types of furnaces from different companies have different data on their model or serial numbers. If we know how to properly read the serial number of the furnace, we can easily determine many things about it by ourselves.

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