Heating: Furnace Repair in Phenix City, AL, Smiths, AL, Columbus, GA and Surrounding Areas

Heating: Furnace Repair In Phenix City, AL

The indoor comfort of your home and family is probably one of your highest priorities. Gas furnace systems can have a complicated arrangement of gas and electricity working together.  However, if one or more parts involved in delivering heat is damaged or not working as intended, your heating system has the potential to become a comfort hazard.

How expensive does a furnace repair need to be before it’s not worth repairing it? If key parts fail, such as the heat ex-changer or control module, or repair costs are more than 50% of the cost of a new product, it may be better to replace the unit. However, you should always discuss repair vs replacement options with your HVAC technician to get a clearer assessment of the price tag of repairs and the predicted longevity of your existing gas furnace.

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