Furnaces are age-old heating units that have been serving most American households during winters. All thanks to their low operating noise, high energy efficiency, and long lifespans. In addition, furnaces can be easily installed in every type of house.

However, many homeowners are not aware of the type of furnace installed. That’s right; a furnace can be of various types depending on the energy source. If you are not sure about the type of furnace at your home, you might consult a professional heater installation in Phenix City.

Meanwhile, here is a little guide on the three major types of furnaces available in the market.

3 Different Types of Furnaces

  • Gas Furnace
    The most common type of furnace you can find in houses is the gas furnace. Also known as a natural gas furnace, this heating unit uses gas coming from the municipal line.
    The furnace is equipped with gas jets that operate along the burner ignite to create the hot combustion gas. This eventually raises the temperature of the air, which is then circulated in the house by the fans. Gas furnaces are pretty effective at creating and distributing heating evenly and do not cost much to run. The primary reason behind its low operating cost is the low prices of gas compared to other fuels.
    However, if you experience cold spots much often, you might need to contact a professional HVAC service near me.
  • Oil Furnace
    Not every household can have access to natural gas pipelines. In such cases, you might have an oil furnace. If you are situated in cold environments such as the northeastern United States, you most probably have an oil furnace. As the name suggests, oil furnaces use oil as a fuel to produce heat.
    However, keep in mind that oil furnaces are less energy-efficient than gas furnaces. A typical AFUE rating for oil furnaces is around 80-90 percent, whereas, for gas furnaces, it is about 88-98 percent.
  • Electric Furnace
    If you don’t have a natural gas line connected to your house, you can contact the heater installation in Phenix City for an electric furnace. This heating system is an electrically powered furnace in which electricity is converted into heat and transferred to the air. Electric furnaces are also quite inexpensive and compact as compared to other furnaces, making them easy to fit into small living spaces as well. However, like oil furnaces, electric furnaces are usually a lot less efficient than gas furnaces. Nevertheless, they can be a perfect fit for many households depending on the scenario.
    Heat pumps emerge as a great alternative to furnaces. This HVAC unit also runs on electricity and can heat and cool your home. If you are located in a mildly cold region, you can enjoy warm and comfortable winters with a heat pump alone!

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