When the scorching summer heat is at its peak, there’s nothing more frustrating than an air conditioning unit that fails to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you find yourself in such a situation, fret not! Priority Heating & Air, the leading provider of AC repair in Phenix City, AL, is here to shed light on the reasons your AC unit may not be working efficiently during the summer months. In this blog post, we’ll explore seven common culprits behind AC performance issues and provide a detailed troubleshooting process to help you regain much-needed cool air and the following comfort.

Clogged Air Filters: The Dusty Dilemma

When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your air filters? Dirty and clogged filters obstruct proper airflow, forcing your AC unit to work harder and less efficiently. Regularly cleaning or replacing your air filters is essential for optimal performance and energy efficiency. 

Refrigerant Leak: The Sneaky Saboteur

If your AC is blowing warm air or struggling to cool your space, a refrigerant leak might be to blame. Low refrigerant levels strain your unit excessively, hampering its ability to cool effectively. Search for “HVAC service near me” and contact the most reliable professionals in your area. They can locate and fix refrigerant leaks, ensuring your AC system is recharged and running at peak performance.

Faulty Thermostat: The Temperature Tangle

An inaccurate or malfunctioning thermostat can lead to temperature discrepancies and an AC system that runs continuously or fails to reach the desired temperature. Calibrating or replacing the thermostat may be necessary to restore proper cooling functionality. 

Dirty Condenser Coils: The Dust Bunny Delight

Over time, dirt and debris accumulate on your AC’s condenser coils, hindering heat transfer. As a result, your unit’s efficiency decreases, and it struggles to cool your home effectively. Regularly cleaning the condenser coils is vital to maintain optimal cooling performance. 

Electrical Issues: The Power Predicament

Electrical problems, such as faulty wiring, tripped circuit breakers, or blown fuses, can disrupt the smooth operation of your AC unit. These issues can prevent your system from receiving the necessary power to function correctly. If you’re facing these issues, it’s crucial to consult a professional AC repair service with the Priority Heating & Air experts in Phenix City, AL, to diagnose and rectify electrical malfunctions.

Blocked or Leaky Ducts: The Airflow Obstruction

Obstructed or leaky air ducts can hinder the proper distribution of cooled air throughout your home. When your AC system is unable to deliver cool air efficiently, it can result in uneven cooling or warm spots in different areas. Having your ducts inspected, repaired, and cleaned can help restore optimal airflow. 

Aging or Inefficient Equipment: The Senior Struggle

If your AC unit is old or outdated, it may struggle to keep up with the cooling demands of your home, resulting in inadequate performance and higher energy bills. In such cases, upgrading to a more energy-efficient model can provide improved cooling, better energy savings, and increased comfort.

A malfunctioning AC unit can be a real source of frustration during the hot summer months. By addressing the common culprits listed above and following the troubleshooting process, you can restore your AC’s efficiency and enjoy a cool and comfortable home again. Look no further than Priority Heating & Air for professional AC repair in Phenix City, AL. Stay cool and beat the summer heat!