What Causes My Air Conditioner to Remain On?

Your air conditioner has been working incredibly hard to keep you and your home cool duringl the summer. As your air conditioner works extra hard to combat the weather, problems and maintenance difficulties are more likely to arise, which means you may need to deal with repairs in the future. According to the air conditioner contractor in Phenix City, your AC running continuously can be a problem.

The Causes Of Your AC's Continual Operation

Improper Duct and Air Conditioner Sizing

  • Unit undersized: An undersized central air conditioner will have to work more to chill your home. This will shorten your device’s lifespan and cause increased wear and tear. Despite the system running frequently, you will never manage to keep your home at the ideal temperature. According to the AC contractor in Phenix City, breakdowns will also probably occur.

  • Oversize unit: A large system will produce humid and clammy air because it won’t be able to remove humidity from your home efficiently. It will use more electricity and run for shorter periods than necessary, raising utility costs.

  • Wrong duct size: Your ductwork’s dimensions should correspond to the dimensions of your air conditioner. Your ducts may not be able to handle the airflow or adequately circulate cold air throughout your house if they are the wrong size.

Leakage in Ductwork

Your ductwork, as well as the areas surrounding your windows and doors, may experience air leaks. Your home’s conditioned air can escape through these leaks, which forces your air conditioner to work harder and more frequently than it should to keep up with demand. Make sure to fix any leaks in your house, especially those near your windows and doors, to prevent this. 

Dirty Cooling Coils

Your air conditioner works harder to remove heat from your house when the cooling coils are unclean. It is vital to get it cleaned as part of a yearly tune-up or to get in touch with a reputable AC contractor in Phenix City

Age of AC

Air conditioners start to lose their ability to chill your home as they age. Your air conditioner may begin to run more frequently than usual to keep your home cool due to various system components becoming inefficient. In addition to having shorter cooling cycles, a new air conditioner will use less electricity. 

Today is a Scorching Day

It’s vital to understand that you should anticipate your air conditioner to run more frequently than usual on sweltering hot days. Because your cooling processes will resume as soon as the temperature drops to more comfortable levels, don’t let this worry you. 

The Thermostat is Set to Keep It Running

Your air conditioner can handle only a specific temperature difference between your home and the outside. Your AC will need to run continuously if your thermostat is set to 65 degrees and the outside temperature is 95 degrees. Consider increasing the temperature in your home. 


A qualified Priority Heating & Air technician will ensure everything is oiled and clean. Air conditioner contractors in Phenix City will change worn components and ensure the thermostat is operating correctly. In addition to providing that your air conditioner is in good operating order, routine maintenance will also prolong the lifespan of your cooling system. Contact us at (334)297-9820 or send us an mail here to set up an appointment today.

5 Air Conditioning Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Hiring a professional HVAC company includes a seamless service experience and thorough, successful system installation. Hire a professional to avoid recurring future repairs, worthless warranties, and even city code violations. A professional can install your unit quickly, correctly, and to the correct standards. Next time you need an adequate AC installation, keep these five service tips in mind: 

1.Get The Job Done By a Professional

Having a professional install your AC is the best way to ensure it goes smoothly. To install an air conditioner correctly, an air conditioning company must know the correct refrigerant levels, the proper pressure, the proper voltage, and the mounts are secure. You will gain a seamless experience and a successful system installation when you hire a professional for AC repair in Phenix City.  

2.Check The Service Provider's Licenses

Suppose You put your air conditioning installation at risk if your contractor isn’t licensed. Ensure your contractor is licensed and insured. In this way, you have every right to sue the technician if he damages your property or fails to provide the work you expect. 

3. Avoid Subcontractors

There is no guarantee you will receive second-rate service if you use a subcontractor. Nevertheless, only AC companies that send their employees to clients’ houses can guarantee quality service. Additionally, you can rest assured that the company will have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who have passed background checks before entering customers’ homes. 

4. Warranties That Protect

Warranties protect homeowners and contractors, but not all provide comprehensive coverage for homeowners. In most cases, HVAC warranties expire before you even begin using your system because they are designed to slip through the cracks of the seasons. The warranty on your air conditioner should cover a minimum of one year if you want it to act as a safety net. 

5. Permit Pulling

A city permit is required when extensive work is done on your HVAC unit. The city and residents are notified that your property is undergoing potentially dangerous work. Most contractors ignore the permit rule, but if state laws are followed, this could lead to costly legal consequences. Ensure your contractor plays it safe and professional.

If you don’t have the experience and proper tools, installation is not something you should attempt on your own. Instead, opt for an HVAC technician for air conditioner installation in Phenix City. Get in touch with the Priority Heating & Air experts if you have any questions about our services. Let us assist you with any cooling or heating issues you may have. We provide trained technicians for all your HVAC units’ repairs, installations and maintenance. 

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become an integral part of leading a comfortable lifestyle. However, despite the quality and brand name, no AC is designed to last forever and has to be replaced at some point. If you consider replacing your commercial and domestic air conditioning system, it is necessary to note the signs to make a better decision.

At Priority Heating and Air, the best HVAC service near you, we are committed to providing the best and most cost-effective solutions for all your needs, from replacements to simple repairs. 

Here we have come up with the top 5 signs that indicate the time to replace your air conditioner.

Energy Costs are Increasing

If you find your energy bills are constantly increasing, especially with the increased running time of your Air conditioner, it indicates that your system is not efficiently running. Hiring professionals for AC repair, Phenix city for cleaning the filters or replacements might benefit you only in the short term. To reduce your bills and keep your home cooler, you need to replace your Air conditioner.

Diminished Airflow

A significant reduction in the airflow could be another sign for replacing your Air conditioner. Clogged filters and ducts can obstruct the airflow of your AC unit, which should be replaced at least once every 1 to 3 months. However, it may also indicate that your system is not suited for your application, and it’s time for a new one.

Leakage or Excess Moisture

In general, AC should be dry whether you are using it. Condensation around your Air conditioner is normal, but only when it remains minimal. If you notice a large amount of water around the unit or dripping continuously, then a new unit is the most effective solution. Despite damaging the furniture and flooring due to the leakage, the exposed coolant causes harmful health effects for you and your family.

Frequent Repairs

Frequent Repairs are an obvious sign that calls for Air conditioner replacement. On average, your air conditioner needs once or twice repair or part replacement in its lifetime. Replacing it will let you save your money in the long run. 

Reach out to the Priority Heating and Air, the best  HVAC service near you. We are dedicated to meeting your specific needs and increasing your energy efficiency.

Abnormal Noises and Odors

If your air conditioner is making any strange sounds, it might be due to minor issues or an internal pay that may have been damaged. However, aggressive screeching, grinding, or ticking noises for a prolonged time points out more serious problems with the system.

Similarly, if you notice any strange odor coming out of the AC, simply it could be time for the air filter’s replacement. Nevertheless, it could also indicate insulation damage or moldy ductwork, leading to poor air quality and severe health problems.

Final Thoughts

A well-maintained air conditioner can last long, but no AC can last forever. They need timely repairs to perform efficiently, but if you suspect to find any other signs in your Air conditioning system, then it’s time for you to consider the replacement option sooner rather than later seriously.

Please schedule your appointment with us and get started on your AC repair, Phenix city.

Is It Advisable to Keep Your AC On to Save Money?

The majority of homeowners are still looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. Turning off your AC when you’re not at home isn’t an excellent method to save money. It can cause your home’s humidity, heat, and moisture levels to rise. Mold spores, uncomfortable temperatures when you return, and many other problems could ensue.

Why is it Hazardous to Turn Off Your Air Conditioner?

The purpose of your HVAC system is to cool the air in your home. It also dehumidifies the air to ensure adequate ventilation and comfort. As a result, shutting it off altogether causes humidity levels to climb by up to 60%. This draws insect infestations and makes your home suitable for mold growth. According to experts like the air conditioner contractor in Phenix City, the humidity level in your HVAC system should be set between 45 and 55 percent.

When is it Advisable to Turn Off Your Air Conditioner?

  • If You’re Going to Open The Windows: It’s essential to open windows in the spring to improve the indoor air quality. Your home has primarily been recirculating the same stale air for six months. Professionals like AC repair in Phenix City advise that the fresh air can be distributed throughout the house by opening the windows.

  • If You’re Planning to Keep it Off For a Long Time: More than 4 hours is considered a lengthy period. When you’re at work or the weather is pleasant enough that your home doesn’t require air conditioning, it’s OK to turn it off.

  • While You’re Away: Turn your thermostat up to 7-10 degrees if you’re leaving the house for several hours. It controls the indoor humidity level, ensuring that your home is comfortable when you return. No one wants to return home to a stifling, humid environment.

  • Pro Tip: With a programmable thermostat, you can customize the temperature in your home to whatever you want it to be. You won’t have to remember to adjust the thermostat when you leave. You won’t have to cool a house that isn’t occupied.

How Can One Keep The AC Running Efficiently?

  • While you don’t want to turn your air conditioner off entirely during the summer months, you also don’t want it running full blast. After all, air conditioners consume a lot of energy and account for a significant portion of your energy cost.
  • The ideal strategy is to set your air conditioner to around 78 degrees (F) when not home. The specialists like AC repair in Phenix City recommend this number because it achieves a nice mix between keeping your house comfortable and conserving energy.
  • Your AC works in cycles, releasing air 15-20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. After then, your thermostat will determine whether or not more cycles are required to attain the temperature set on your thermostat. Because 78 degrees is a relatively warm setting, your air conditioner should realize that no other processes are needed quickly.

Contact the HVAC experts at Priority Heating & Air today to learn more about how you can save money on your cooling bills. If you seek an air conditioner contractor in Phenix City, we can help. Call us at 3342979820 or drop us a mail here.


How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Outside AC Unit?

Your air conditioner should be able to adequately transfer heat from within your house to the outside to perform successfully. Most of the time our inside unit of AC is fine but the problem arises with the outside HVAC unit. The outdoor heat pump unit contains the compressor and condenser. Like the radiator in a car, the condenser fins let the system dissipate heat more efficiently.

Cleaning an outside air conditioner isn’t difficult, but the time and work you put in will be well worth it in terms of improved energy efficiency and convenience for your family, whether it’s winter or summer. Coils are the main part that is needed to be cleaned. Most owners only need to do this twice a year: once before the summer season begins and once before the winter season. So, look for an AC contractor in Phenix City.

Importance of Cleaning The Coils

Dirty evaporator and condenser coils can increase the energy consumption of your AC Unit by more than 30%. Lower heat transfer efficiency can also cause poor cooling performance, frozen evaporator coils, and compressor overheating.

How To Keep Your Coils Away From Dirt

It’s crucial to inspect the air filter at least once a month and change it as needed to maintain the evaporator coils clean. A clogged air filter can cause dust and debris to collect on the evaporator rather than the air filter, and it can also limit airflow in the system, causing other issues.

Keep a two-foot radius surrounding the condenser unit clear of vegetation and debris, such as trash, long grass, plants, and overhanging trees or shrubs, to keep the condenser coils clean. Large material should be removed because it falls into the condenser coils, large material should be removed, and clippings should be discharged away from the condenser when mowing.

How To Clean The Coils

The evaporator and condenser coil fins are extremely sensitive and can be bent with a small amount of force. The rest of the cleaning should be left to an air conditioning contractor, who will clean the coils as part of a routine maintenance visit. Air conditioning maintenance should ideally be done twice a year, however for certain systems, once would be sufficient.

The condenser coils are often cleaned between visits by removing big debris and washing the coils with a hose after turning off the facility. Because the evaporator is often difficult to reach, it should be cleaned by a specialist. So, look for air conditioner installation in Phenix City.

Why Hire A Professional?

There are things only a professional can do. With the necessary credentials and qualifications, an expert will be in a far better position to address or resolve any issues that arise during the cleaning process, as well as nip any potential issues in the bud.

At Priority Heating & Air, we offer high-quality services at reasonable prices to our consumers. you’ll contact us by calling at (334) 297-9820.

Do Dirty Air Filters Affect The Performance of An AC?

Air conditioning systems are vital to any household, in any season. While many people invest in air conditioners only for combatting the heat during summers, these units serve so much more functions other than that. With air pollution increasing at unbelievable levels, an AC is the layer of protection that blows clean and filtered air inside your home. Air filters, especially, are the central components that serve the function of preventing dust and debris from entering your home.

Obviously, when such a pivotal component of the air conditioner is not in its best condition, problems ensue. From AC failures to improper air flow, there are numerous problems caused due to dirty air filters. When there are some issues with your air conditioning unit, it is for the best if you hire a professional from an air conditioner contractor in Phenix City and have it serviced.

Take a Look at Some of The Common Problems That Occur Due to Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

  • Polluted Air

As the AC preserves the quality of air that enters your home, clogged filters play a major role in disrupting this. Due to their improper functioning, debris blocks the way of airflow. Sometimes, the dirty filters pave the way for the spread of air-borne diseases. All this leads to the quality of air getting degraded, which will lead to health issues for the members of the household.

  • Damaged Coils

Due to the improper flow of air, the evaporator coil will begin to malfunction. Also, other coils that play a key role in the functioning of the air conditioner will be damaged. This will lead to problems like water leakage and no cooling. In some severe cases of wreckage, the coils will need replacement. To avoid such problems, you can schedule an AC repair in Phenix City with us and resolve the issue at an early stage.

  • System Failure

With the dirt clogging in air filters, the inner parts and ducts will also get sedimented with dust eventually. Sometimes, the above-mentioned coils could also get damaged forever due to overwork and heat. So, there is a possibility for the failure of the system to happen. And all this just because of dirty air filters. To avoid any costly repairs or replacements, clean these filters periodically.

  • Reduced Efficiency

When the air filters in your AC are dirty, the unit struggles to function normally. As the air conditioning system strains hard to maintain the temperature set by the thermostat, the energy consumption goes up. The efficiency of the unit drops down and the energy bills spike significantly. If you are looking to replace some parts of your AC, you can contact an air conditioner contractor in Phenix City and know more.

The best solution to all these problems is the frequent cleaning of air filters. Also, you can schedule a tune-up or an AC repair in Phenix City with us. Get in touch with us by giving a call to (334) 297-9820 and access the best services!

This Should Be Your Tune-up Schedule For Air Conditioners

If you live somewhere warm in the United States during the summertime, you know how important air conditioning is. No matter how hot it is outside, air conditioning enables the air inside a home to be kept cool. Your air conditioning cable is geared up of a variety of blades, wires, tubes, and other things that may wear out over time and reduce the effectiveness of your system. Therefore they must be checked often.

For homes, this involves scheduling an AC tune-up with a company of AC repair in Phenix City. It is basic maintenance for any system and will keep your air conditioner running well for many years. How many times should you have your air conditioner tested and tuned up as a homeowner? Let’s figure it out.

How Often Will Your AC Need a Tune-Up?

The HVAC professionals recommend an annual checkup for most households. You don’t want anybody looking at your air conditioner; you want a professional company of AC tune-up in Phenix city to inspect it. The yearly inspection should occur for most households during the spring months when the temperatures start to rise outside.

During an AC checkup, the expert will examine all parts of your air conditioner and check the status of any things that need to be replaced or fixed, and in most cases, the repairs will be done on the spot.
The technician of AC repair in Phenix City will also check any components as required. They will inform you of any future projects that may be required, as well as maintenance suggestions to keep your machine running well. After the HVAC technician has finished repairing your unit, you can be assured that it will be ready for the summer months.

Tune-ups For Older Systems

Most householders, as previously said, require an annual inspection, but that is not always the situation. It’s a good idea to get your system examined twice or even three times a year if you use an outdated unit or if someone in your family has respiratory difficulties. On the other hand, if you live in a house where the air conditioner is only used occasionally, you might be able to get away with an inspection every other year.

Signs That Your AC Needs a Tune-up –

  • Noises

As the mechanics work harder to cool down the house, the machine squeals loudly. The noise would be minimal if the device were working properly. The irritating clatter is because the machine is not operating adequately, forcing it to work harder to compensate for the lack of performance.

  • In-efficiency

The unit’s underperformance is another strong indicator that it needs to be improved. It may take a long time for the house to cool down, or it may never reach the ideal temperature. The AC unit probably needs a tune-up if the variation in cooling time is significant enough for the homeowner to notice.

We can help you get a better deal on AC tune-ups and repairs. To get the best AC tune-up in Phenix City, call us at (334)-297-9820.

Your Ultimate Guide To New AC Installation Costs

Installing a new air conditioner is undoubtedly expensive. However, you must hire an expert air conditioner contractor in Phenix City to avoid unforeseen consequences of poor installation.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for costs related to a new AC installation –

1. How much does a new AC unit installation cost?

Air conditioning installation costs between $3,350 and $5,912, with most homes spending an average of $4,631. It is the typical cost of adding a new air conditioner to your forced air furnace. Other alternatives are single window or portable units, which cost between $234 and $700. Ductless mini-splits cost between $3,000 and $10,000. The overall cost of your air conditioning system is determined by the type and size of the system you require.

National Average Cost$4,630
Minimum Cost$2,426
Maximum Cost$8,900
Total Average$3,350 to $5,920

2. What is the cost to install a central air conditioner?

Central air conditioner installation in Phenix City costs between $660 to $4,600. The ultimate cost is determined by the kind of unit, if extra ducting is necessary, and the inspection and installation charges of the expert. Expect to spend an extra $1,000 to $3,000 if you have existing ducting that has to be repaired. The overall cost of your project might rise to $8,900 if ducting is required.

3. Cost to replace an existing air conditioner

The average cost of an AC replacement is $4,631. The cost of replacing a central air conditioner is determined by whether or not existing ducting is present, the kind of unit to be installed, and the AC unit’s tonnage. A window central air conditioner can set you back at approximately $350, while a ductless mini-split system would set you back around $5,600.

The cost of installing a central air conditioner in your house cannot be calculated without an air conditioner contractor in Phenix City visiting your home and evaluating the air conditioner and current ductwork. The cost of installing central air is influenced by several factors, just like any other home improvement job.

4. Cost of various kinds of replacement work

  • Use existing ductwork

It should cost around $6,000–$8,000 to add a central air conditioning system to your current heating system utilizing existing ducting.

  • Install new ducting

That should take between $8,900 and $12,300 to replace your old AC unit and install the new ductwork.

  • Install a new cooling system

Almost every new place includes central heat and air, and in old houses, both may need to be replaced at the same time. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, this is a must-do.

5. Cost of installing an AC with no prior ducts

To accommodate your new air conditioner, your ductwork must be broad and well-insulated. In a 1,500-square-foot home, the total cost of installing new, flexible, insulated ducting is around $2,000–$3,000. Include the cost of any new walls, floors, or ceilings that are required.

We can help you save money on expensive AC replacements and repair work. To get the best air conditioner installation in Phenix City, call us at (334)-297-9820.

When You Should Clean The Outside Part Of Your Air Conditioner?

Each air conditioner has two sections, one which is inside and the other which is outside. Both these sections work together to keep our homes cool and free from allergy-causing foreign matter during the summer season.

However, air conditioner owners must ensure the timely and regular cleaning of their air conditioners. Our systems need regular servicing; otherwise, their performance may deteriorate. Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners are essential parts of owning air conditioners. You should contact your AC contractor in Phenix City for a timely touch-up of your air conditioner.

How Often Should You Clean The Outer Part of Your Air Conditioner?

When you contact an HVAC company for an air conditioner installation in Phenix City, they tell you to take proper care of both the inner and outer parts of the system. But we tend to ignore the outer part of the air conditioner.

The outer part is as salient as the inner part of the system. The outer part has components like the compressor, the condenser coils, the fan, and the expansion valve, which play crucial roles in the system’s working. So, give its cleaning equal importance.

Usually, you can clean the outer part of the air conditioner twice a year, once at the start of the summer season and next at the winter season. You can contact an AC contractor in Phenix City for the cleaning, or you can clean the outer part yourself!

How to Clean the Outer Part?

Cleaning the outer part of your air conditioner is not a difficult task, but you need to take some measures before taking it up. You will need some basic stuff like a garden hose, a vacuum, a screwdriver, some rags, a condenser coil cleaning spray, a replacement filter, a brush, and a fin comb.

Before starting, remove all kinds of debris like leaves, twigs, and branches away from the outer part so that they do not enter the system and cause damage to the system. Ensure that the main power of the air conditioner is off lest you get a shock while working. Once you check everything, follow these steps and begin the cleaning –

  • Clean the outer surface using a brush or vacuum.
  • Straighten the bent fins, if any, using a fin comb.
  • Remove the filter. Either clean it with the garden hose or replace it with the replacement filter.
  • Remove the screws of the panel using the screwdriver to access the vent openings.
  • Clean the condenser coils using the cleaning spray and rags.
  • Clean the fan blades using a wet rag.
  • Screw the access panel back in its place, and you can start using your air conditioner.

Cleaning the outer part of your air conditioner is a simple process. If you want professional cleaning, you can contact Priority Heating & Air to provide you the best professional cleaning in Phenix City at affordable rates. Look for air conditioner installation in Phenix City or contact us at (334)-297-9820.

Does A Dirty AC Filter Affect Performance?

The air conditioning filter is an integral part of this device, which helps to acclimatize the environment and makes the space more pleasant, especially on the hottest days. Responsible for removing debris from the air conditioner, the filter is one of the most relevant components for the operation of this refrigeration system. Also, it can affect the performance of the air conditioner. Thus, precisely, for this reason, it demands specific care which can be carried out perfectly by the AC repair in Phenix City.

When Should You Clean The Air Conditioning Filter?

A question that many people have is about the periodicity of cleaning the air conditioning filter. Generally, it would help if you clean the filters once every two months. Ideally, pay attention to the level of cooling and air quality. If the air conditioner is not cooling as usual, the filter may be dirty. Also, check the electricity bill. If you notice a high variation in value, check if the air conditioning filter is dirty.

Furthermore, check if it has blemishes or a color difference. Keep an eye on the manufacturer’s guidelines and enlist the help of a professional from the air conditioner contractor in Phenix City if you are still in doubt.

What is The Function of the Air Conditioning Filter?

The filter keeps atmospheric dust and other air particles away from the air conditioner engine. If your filter is dirty, the air conditioning system may “suffocate” with air intake, as its coils will be clogged. That is why it is important to clean the air conditioning filter.

When the filter is dirty, it prevents the constant flow of clean air, and thus the air conditioning system will start to overheat and automatically shut down. If this continues to happen, the air conditioner can completely break down. Also, your system will use excess energy to blow cool air, making the system work longer to reach the desired temperature, thus resulting in higher energy bills. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get your AC filter cleaned by AC repair in Phenix City.

Health Risks Due To The Dirty or Clogged Air Filter of Air Conditioner

We can avoid many allergic and respiratory ailments with cleanliness. And that includes the air conditioning filter. Microorganisms that increase air due to a dirty filter cause diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Therefore, the ideal is to ensure that the air conditioning filter is always clean, working properly, and free from these agents that are so harmful to health. Thus, calling an expert technician from the air conditioner contractor in Phenix City will help you clean filters.

We must replace the filter every six months. But a complete cleaning of the system by AC repair in Phenix City guarantees longer life and quality in air circulation.

At Priority Heating & Air, the cleaning of the air conditioning is carried out by trained professionals, who know the differences of each product and know the best cleaning solutions for each one. So, call us today at (334❳-297-9820.