Many homeowners often ignore servicing and necessary annual furnace maintenance until a sudden problem arises and the system breaks down. If you are one of those people who do not take servicing or furnace tune-ups seriously, please continue reading for more information to know why tune-ups are essential. 

Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Up are Necessary

1. Reduced Energy Bills

A furnace determines your energy bill. It can make up to 50% of your bill, depending on how much you use the system. According to experts, having a well-tuned furnace can save up to 30% on your bills, as it will increase the energy efficiency of your unit. 

2. Prevent Breakdowns and Repairs

A broken heating system can be inconvenient for everyone. Routine maintenance will ensure that your HVAC is in top condition. If you have any queries related to your heating and cooling system or need to schedule any service like heater replacement Phenix city, contact Priority Heating and Air and schedule your furnace tune-up to ensure everything is working properly.

3. Extend The Unit's Lifespan

Maintenance and tune-ups keep your furnace in its peak working condition, providing you with the best comfort. The better you clean, maintain, and care for your furnace, the longer it will last. A furnace is an expensive investment, and by extending the lifespan of your unit with tune-ups and maintenance services, you will be able to get the most out of it. 

4. Better Air Quality

Furnace maintenance can help you improve the air quality of your home, preventing respiratory problems, especially if there are asthma patients in your home. Change the furnace filters regularly to prevent dirt, dust, and debris buildup. 

5. Maintain The Warranty

Regular tune-up service for your furnace will help maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. On most furnaces, you can get a ten years warranty. To ensure your furnace qualifies for the warranty, you must maintain regular maintenance and tune-up. If any problem arises and you need to claim the warranty, you must show the service records to prove that the required maintenance has been done. 

6. Detect Leaks

A problem in the furnace can result in a gas leak; needless to say, and it is very dangerous. There is a risk of carbon monoxide leaks if your furnace is left unchecked. The leaks pose safety risks and are hard to detect as the gas is colorless and odorless. Annual maintenance will catch any potential safety risks, giving you peace of mind that everything is working fine. 

7. Stay Warm and Safe

By getting the furnace tune-up before winter, you can ensure that your furnace will work efficiently and smoothly throughout the season. A broken-down furnace is the last thing any homeowner would want in the middle of a cold night. You will also know about the condition of your furnace before the winter arrives, giving you plenty of time to set everything right. 


If you have any queries related to your heating and cooling system or need to schedule any service like heater replacement Phenix city, contact us at Priority Heating and Air for the best quality assistance and solutions.