Hiring a professional HVAC company includes a seamless service experience and thorough, successful system installation. Hire a professional to avoid recurring future repairs, worthless warranties, and even city code violations. A professional can install your unit quickly, correctly, and to the correct standards. Next time you need an adequate AC installation, keep these five service tips in mind: 

1.Get The Job Done By a Professional

Having a professional install your AC is the best way to ensure it goes smoothly. To install an air conditioner correctly, an air conditioning company must know the correct refrigerant levels, the proper pressure, the proper voltage, and the mounts are secure. You will gain a seamless experience and a successful system installation when you hire a professional for AC repair in Phenix City.  

2.Check The Service Provider's Licenses

Suppose You put your air conditioning installation at risk if your contractor isn’t licensed. Ensure your contractor is licensed and insured. In this way, you have every right to sue the technician if he damages your property or fails to provide the work you expect. 

3. Avoid Subcontractors

There is no guarantee you will receive second-rate service if you use a subcontractor. Nevertheless, only AC companies that send their employees to clients’ houses can guarantee quality service. Additionally, you can rest assured that the company will have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who have passed background checks before entering customers’ homes. 

4. Warranties That Protect

Warranties protect homeowners and contractors, but not all provide comprehensive coverage for homeowners. In most cases, HVAC warranties expire before you even begin using your system because they are designed to slip through the cracks of the seasons. The warranty on your air conditioner should cover a minimum of one year if you want it to act as a safety net. 

5. Permit Pulling

A city permit is required when extensive work is done on your HVAC unit. The city and residents are notified that your property is undergoing potentially dangerous work. Most contractors ignore the permit rule, but if state laws are followed, this could lead to costly legal consequences. Ensure your contractor plays it safe and professional.

If you don’t have the experience and proper tools, installation is not something you should attempt on your own. Instead, opt for an HVAC technician for air conditioner installation in Phenix City. Get in touch with the Priority Heating & Air experts if you have any questions about our services. Let us assist you with any cooling or heating issues you may have. We provide trained technicians for all your HVAC units’ repairs, installations and maintenance.