Has your system stopped operating properly due to a dirty filter? Are you tired of driving to the home improvement store to purchase filters? Our filter program, Filter Fetch, is designed to save you time and money! We have a wide selection of filter sizes for air handlers, furnaces, and air cleaners. There are two parts to the program:

  • Email Reminder and
  • Easy Filter Order.

The email reminder does just that…reminds you it’s time to change your filter! A link to purchase more filters is included in the email. Simply click on the link, type in your filter code (that we provide to you) and click Buy! Your filters will be on your doorstep in a couple of days. Participation in the program is free, shipping is free, and you’ll always be prepared to change your filter on time! Contact us today for more information or to receive your filter code!

Already have your code and looking to Re-Order Filters?


Costly repairs can be avoided with regular filter changing. If you don’t change the filter, lack of airflow through the furnace will cause it to overheat and shut down. Similarly, a dirty filter can cause an air conditioner to shut down when airflow is inadequate. Both events stress the system unnecessarily. Filters are designed to protect vital aspects of your heating and air conditioning investment. More importantly, a clean filter protects the most valuable assets you have in your home… and your family. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other health-related problems. If you are having trouble keeping up with the right time to change the filters or your filters are currently dirty, then it is time to join our simple, inexpensive Filter Program. Your filters will be on your doorstep in a couple of days!