The compressor is considered the heart of the Air conditioner for a reason. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas and pumps it into the system. This process eliminates the heat and humidity from the air, resulting in a cooling effect in your home. 

When the compressor fails, it will affect the whole system. However, the good news is that with proper care and routine maintenance with a certified AC tune-up in Phenix city, the causes of AC compressors can be prevented.

As the leading service provider of air conditioner installation, Phenix city Priority Heating and Air follow and implement precautionary measures to prevent future complications in your compressor during our periodic maintenance.

Here we have mentioned some of the causes of AC compressor failure that can be prevented with simple measures.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Different parts of your air conditioner, especially the condenser coils, tend to build up dirt, dust, and debris. It will block the expulsion of hot air from the coil and makes the system work harder to reach the set temperature level. The trapped heat and pressure within the AC lead to overheating of the compressor.

Preventative Tip – Be sure to clean the unit at the change of every season, which will significantly reduce the impact of the climate on your AC compressor.

Electrical Damage

Like any other electrical system, your Air conditioner also has electoral issues that adversely affect the compressor leading to its failure. The electrical damage causes the acid fluid in the system to accumulate, damaging the wiring and burnout the entire system. Hence if you notice a sudden shutdown of AC, it might be irreparable damage to the compressor and other important components.

Preventative tip – Set periodic inspections to detect the electrical faults, which will allow for timely repairs to the electrical problems. It will help you to avoid major and expensive faults in the future.


The compressors are usually located outside the homes, exposing them easily to contaminants from bacteria and leaves to debris and bird dropping. These particles will enter the compressor system and cause malfunction.

Preventative Tip – IAs the outer unit of the AC system is placed outside, it is not possible to prevent the contaminants; however, you can remove them at regular intervals to avoid overheating and pressure in the system.

Low Refrigerant Charge

It is important to maintain the optimal refrigerant level all the time. Sometimes, the suction line will develop holes and cracks over time, causing refrigerant leakage, making the AC work harder to maintain the temperature and keep producing cool air. The excess pressure will result in compression failure.

There are also chances for compression failure due to overcharging of the refrigerant, causing detriments similar to the low charge. 

Preventative Tip – Following regular maintenance will help you detect these leaks easily and early. Expert professionals will help you replace the lines once they find their defects or determine them as they age.

Final Thoughts

When your AC is not working, the last thing you want to hear from the technician is that your compressor has failed. To ensure that your AC provides you with fresh and cool air and spare the unnecessary stress, invest in the best air conditioning service and AC tune-up, Phenix city. 

Please schedule your appointment with us to get the best ac repair and air conditioner installation in Phenix City.